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Warrior Class

by Kenneth Lin

The Comrades  |  Midwest Premiere

Scenic | Sydney Achler
Lighting | Blake Cordell
Sound | Erik Siegling
Costumes | Uriel Gomez
Props | Derek Bertelsen
Production Management | Melanie Kulas
Stage Management | Kamren Smith

Cast | Scott Olson, Alison Plott, Ben Veatch

"Compelling and thought-provoking entertainment — under Carol Ann Tan’s direction, it proves especially timely now in the context of the #MeToo movement and the recent furor surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court."

- Chicago Reader

"Director Carol Ann Tan paces this tight. She navigates us through the tension and twists. Tan continually shifts the balance of power between the pairs… Warrior Class engages as a timely, relevant portrait of the political scene."

- The Fourth Walsh

Photography by Paul Goyette

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