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by Joel Tan

PrideArts  |  USA Premiere

Lighting | Elliot Hubiak
Sound | Valerio Toretta Gardner

Costumes | Savana Nix

Props | Hannah Dains
Scenic Concept | Carol Ann Tan

Intimacy | Kayla Menz

Dialect | James "Napoleon" Stone
Stage Management | Jacob Sexton

Cast | Carolyn Hu Bradbury, Luke Gerdes, Oscar Hew, G Hao Lee, Ronnie Derrick Lyall, Rainey Miracle, Mike Newquist, Cai Yong

"TANGO is the delightful product of a talented playwright, superb actors, and a splendid crew. Carol Ann Tan’s direction utilizes the intricacies of this richly nuanced piece..."


"Sharing this uncompromised vision of Joel Tan’s story with Americans introduces viewers to enlightening parallels and echoes of both progress and backwards steps taken in the West. It also adds complicated, thought-provoking, squeamish layers to watching a white, wealthy British banker shout down an elderly service worker, homophobic as she may be..."

- Chicago Reader 

Photography by Marisa KM

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